Company philosophy


ALMETAC, S.A is an organization devoted to the production and sale of industrial adhesives, aimed mainly at the labelling sector. At present, ALMETAC is undertaking a strategic expansion process and distributes its glues on both the national and international markets.

In order to offer all our clients specific solutions capable of adapting to meet their specific labelling needs, ALMETAC, S.A commits to new research, science and technical technologies with the firm purpose of becoming a leading company and being a benchmark in the industrial adhesive sector.

ALMETAC, S.A places a special value on the commitment to have appealing working environments, by maintaining decent salaries, with work stability, and by showing a concern towards the working environment and encouraging ongoing training. We offer technical support between the Company´s members and we share information, we encourage discussion of issues of mutual interest and we carry out joint projects.

The principal values of ALMETAC, S.A include Quality and the respect for the Environment. For this purpose, the Company has assumed the moral commitment to fulfil the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as to continuously improve its integral management system, by implementing a culture of quality and environmental respect at ALMETAC, S.A.

That is why ALMETAC, S.A, in addition to taking into consideration what is outlined above, establishes -as a strategic element and unavoidable commitment- a Comprehensive Policy that outlines its level of commitment to Quality and the Environment. To that end, the objectives for its improvement are established, explaining Quality and Environmental Protection to the entire company as an organization value that all of its professionals participate in.

The Comprehensive Policy of ALMETAC, S.A is based around five basic principles:

  1. Directing activities towards satisfying the needs of all interested parties
  2. Respect for the Environment, environmental protection when carrying out our activities and the continual improvement of environmental performance
  3. Compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations.
  4. Continual improvement of the activities carried out.
  5. Risk assessment as a method of preventing possible deviation or non-conformities as well as continual improvement.

In order to put these principles into practice ALMETAC, S.A commits to:

  1. Developing, disseminating and reviewing the Quality and Environmental Policy. This Quality and Environmental policy will be reviewed each year and will be sent to all the people that work for ALMETAC or on its behalf and it will be available to all interested parties.
  2. Maintaining a structured and documented Management System, that enables continual improvement via its periodic review and the establishment of objectives and targets in order to ensure our continuity on the market.
  3. Ensure that all ALMETAC staff are aware of the importance of their work on our process and of the importance of satisfying the interested parties for our continuity on the market.
  4. To effectively and accurately meet the specifications of clients in relation to our products and services and fulfil their expectations
  5. Maintain regular contact with clients and consider their suggestions and present or future needs, with the firm commitment of including those comments in design planning, as a means of foreseeing market trends.
  6. Integrate environmental indicators into the information systems and strategies of ALMETAC, by establishing an internal control system that enables efficient management of the resources, detects errors and makes it possible to establish corrective measures.
  7. Train and raise awareness among all staff in relation to Quality and the Environment in accordance with existing needs and situations at the time.
  8. Evaluate and find out all the environmental impact deriving from our activities and the products that we develop.
  9. Comply with current legislation and regulations and, in so far as possible, surpass the requirements established by it, provided that this involves a benefit for the company, its environment and/or clients.
  10. Use natural resources, raw materials and energy in a sustainable way.
  11. Manage and treat our waste in the most environmentally respectful way and minimise management of it on all of our operations

In Astigarraga, on 24 August 2017

Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 14001